Steps on How to Switch Personal IG to Business Profile

how to switch personal ig to business

Instagram has been a famous platform to socialize and do business at the same time. This can be seen by the number of people doing their business on personal IG. However, IG now has a specific feature where people can make a business profile for their business. So, how to switch personal IG to business profiles, and what are the advantages?

Well, some people might be asking why they should change their IG profiles to a business account. By changing it, users will get insights & statistic trends about their followers and viewers. On the profile page, users can add a contact button which eases people to contact you.

Another great feature of IG business is the ad creation to promote your business. With personal accounts, you can use this feature, but you will need a Facebook business page. So, it is quite interesting and helpful, right? Therefore, follow these steps on how to switch personal IG to business accounts:

1. Log in Your Account

The first thing on how to switch personal IG to business is by logging into the account you want to change. Insert your id and your password to get in your profile. Next, go to your Instagram account setting by tapping setting and account to get started.

2. Switch to Business Account

Once you have entered the account setting, on the bottom part you will see the option switch to a professional account. After clicking this option, your profile will then connect to the Facebook page. However, you must have admin access to your business Facebook page to continue this action.

3. Choose Between Creator/ Business Account

There are two kinds of business accounts that IG provides. One is for business needs and the other is for creators such as public figures, influencers, and artists. If you are using the profile for selling products, then the business account is the right option.

4. Change Category

The account allows people to change their category from business to creator accounts. So, if in the future you change your business to a designing business, you can change it to the creator and choose the designer category. Once you have finished choosing your option, you have your business account.

5. Start Using your Business Account

You can now start using your business account by uploading pictures of your business and set a marketing strategy. Use all the features that the account provides from ad creation promotes to adding links. Make sure to use them all to promote your business.

The steps on how to switch personal IG to business is very simple and easy. This kind of account is recommended for those who have a business and are developing. Because it will help promote and sell your business to other people on Instagram.

If in the future, you decide to end the account you can revert to your personal account. The steps on getting your personal account are just the same way as making a business account. So, get your business starting by changing your personal account to a business account.

5 Best Business Ideas For Women You Should Try

best business ideas for women

If you are a woman who is very active and wants to run a business, what is the most promising business opportunity idea to do? This is often thought of when you stay quiet at home will certainly feel very uncomfortable and want to do something else that can make you continue to indulge. Because if you just sit at home without doing anything, it will make you feel bored and stressed at home. Then why not just try to open a business? Here are my 5 bright best business ideas for women that you might be able to apply in the future so that you don’t keep quiet at home and have productive activities.

1. Makeup Artist

You can become a professional make up artist with increasing experience. Because a profession like this is very necessary and has very good prospects. Apart from that work like that can get interesting and inspiring experiences. As a  woman, if you can make up by creating a beautiful hijab will add a high selling value.

2. Mini Bakery Shop

Have the expertise in making cakes so do not you just buried. From now on try to explore your passion so that you can generate more income. Even if you only take one item, but you can maximize it to be as attractive as possible. You will likely be more professional. Let’s say you can start to make cupcakes with a variety of models, toppings, and flavors.

Your business may attract many consumers, especially young people. Also, take advantage of the various technological sophistication as a means of your promotion. Like product promotion through social media Instagram, Facebook, Line, BBM and so on, you can use it optimally to develop a business.

And one more important thing that you should not leave is to use high-quality ingredients for your product because consumers are very risky about these things and just one mistake can destroy your business.

3. Day Care

Furthermore, in my daycare business, it is suitable for active women like you. In addition to training, you who later can become a good mother, this kind of thing is like giving a separate challenge to exist. You are required here to be able to care for and provide good education while being able to hone your parenting skills so with this you can provide many benefits for the young moms out there.

4. Olshop Fashion

In this technological age, there are a lot of business opportunities. For those of you who do have their interests in the world of fashion, from now on you can use to create an online business. Online business is no longer a new item. But to be able to provide its characteristics for the products you sell. You should sell items that have their statements so they are easily known by the public.

5. Fashion Designer

Some so many women have a passion for designing or drawing fashion sketches. So it is very appropriate if you can sell your work. It is not impossible if one day your work is used by famous brand owners. An extraordinary thing is not. Thus the point is never to just harbor and continues to develop your talents because a pleasant job is a paid hobby.

Wow, there are a lot of best business ideas for women who can be select to start from now on. If some of the examples above suit you, then why are you waiting? Come on, let’s explore and make it a profitable business.

5 Things Of What Business Consultants Do

what business consultants do

In analyzing its business, every company needs the services of a business consultant, so that the business can run perfectly.  Sometimes companies feel confused to make decisions.  The company’s orientation is certain to achieve sales targets and make a profit.  To develop its business requires business consulting services, in order to dominate the market. Thus, The following is an explanation of what business consultants do to develop their business.  The following are:

1. Providing Consultant Service

Every company that wants to expand its business needs the services of a business consultant to stay in business or expand its business.  Thus, at this stage, the role of the business consultant is very important and must know what business consultants do.

Companies that are experiencing financial problems or will face failure also need the services of business consultants, in order to survive and be able to save company assets when that happens.

2. Identifying Problems in the Business Field.

The next step is to identify problems that occur in the company. This one is very important so as not to make mistakes in making decisions.  The identification of business problems is the first step in making a decision.

Problem identification includes market segmentation, understanding customer tastes, and paying attention to the behavior of competitors, which is part of problem identification so that when developing a business is ready with all the risks that solution Including in case of failure.

3. Finding the Right Solution

What business consultant does is find the right solution. Doing this way after identifying the problem.  Business consultants must have expertise in capturing business opportunities.  Having a brilliant idea to provide the best solution.

If a problem occurs about failure, the consultation includes closing the debt at the bank and saving the assets that can occur. The solution is an important step for every problem that occurs.

4. Make a Plan

A good business is a business that has careful planning.  If you want to develop the business, you should be able to see the opportunities, the risks that might occur and the advantages and disadvantages.  This, of course, requires the services of a consultant business.

Business consultants will provide a plan of analysis that has been done.  Business drawings and graphics are supporting equipment for business consultants. To notify the steps and strategies, the business consultant will hold a planning approval meeting.

5. Oversee the Planning Process

After the company owner agrees about the plan, then the next step is to carry out the planning.  Carrying out these plans, of course, will not be separated from the supervision of business consultants.

Supervising the course of planning is important to do so that if there is a failure, a business consultant can be responsible and take immediate action.  This is an important part of what business consultants do.

That’s the steps of what business consultant does.  The company no longer feels difficulties in making decisions.  Because making the right decisions is crucial to a business. A business consultant must have many solutions in every problem that becomes the complaint of the client.

What Business To Start Without Money – Make Use Of Everything To Start A Business

what business to start without money

Most people are under the statement that says you need funds to start a business. While it’s true in some ways, it’s also wrong in other ways. If you want to think hard, you will find there are a lot of businesses that you can start even without money or need little funds. These businesses maybe not a big one. But if you don’t have enough money and still want to start a business, then you can try this. You must wonder what business to start without money, and so here is the answer.

1. Blogger

Do you like writing? Then you can start making a blogger in order to afford the money. You don’t need any funds to make a blogger as there are many free blog sites such as WordPress. However, before you start to make a blog, you should decide what kind of blog you want to make. This will help you to aim the reader of your blog and how you promote it. After that, you can set an advertisement to make money from your blog.

2. Ebook Author

You may wonder what business to start without money when you want to do business but don’t have the funds. Don’t worry, you can be an ebook author in that case. If self-publishing needs funds to publish the book, that can’t be said to the ebook.

You just need to write a book and sell it online as the ebook so you don’t need to print it and send it to the buyers. Furthermore, you won’t pay for anything instead you will get the payment when someone buys your book.

3. Application Developer

If you have the skill to make an application, you may start a business as an application developer. You don’t need to pay a large sum of money to develop an application but you need a considerable skill in marketing. This is needed for you to make your application known by a lot of people.

When people know about your application, they will download it and you can make the money from it. Please remember if you want to develop an application, making it a useful or unique one so people will get interested in your application.

4. Translator

Having more than one language is a benefit for you. With this skill, you can be a translator. You won’t need money if you want to be a translator. What you do is looking for someone who needs your service. And nowadays it’s easy to find such a person. You can use the internet to find your client as there are many sites that provide you to do so. And then you can get the payment once the job is finished.

Having no money or little funds does not mean you can’t start a business. You can make use of the technology or your skill to start a business. In the old days, you will confuse people if you ask what business to start without money. But, as the technology advance, there are many options to start a business even if you don’t have any funds.

How To Choose Brand Name For Your Company

how to choose brand name

Choosing a brand name is not an easy task as it will be the image of the product or even the company. Therefore, when choosing a brand name, consider the meaning and what it will be representing. You won’t want people saying bad things about the name of the brand or not remembering the brand. Therefore, it is important to learn how to choose brand name before making a name.

Building a brand name and making a strong identity for the brand is not easy and will take some time. It involves more than just a logo and a slogan because we want people to remember the name and brand. Therefore, before jumping in, determine what you want people to think of when they talk or hear about your brand. Or determine what your brand will be about, so you can small down the options. Here are more tips on how to choose brand names for your startups:

1. Determine the Purpose of the Brand

Before thinking of a brand name, try to think of the purpose of the company that you will be making. Break them down and try to look for words that are related to them. Other than the purpose, you can also connect your brand name to the vision and mission of the company. Therefore, when you think of a brand name it will relate to the purpose of the company.

2. Write Down Words

After you have determined the vision, mission, and purpose of your company, write down all the words related to it. Make sure to write them down so others can see them and give their opinions on the words. Then give an explanation on each word, like why this is related to the company. This way you can see whether your words are an option to be a brand name or not.

3. Choose a Simple Name

One of the tips on how to choose brand name is by choosing a simple name. When writing down the words, make sure to make the words simple. If you have a simple brand name, then people will easily remember it even though they have never tried it. On the other hand, if it is complicated, people will not get the hang of it and easily forget it.  

4. Test your Brand Name

When you have options of brand names on your list, test your brand names and see if they are available. Because it will be no use if the name is already used by another person or company and it is legal. Therefore, before determining the brand name, make sure that it is still available, and you can use it.

5. Pick a Strong Name

After crossing out some names and seeing the available ones, choose a brand name that represents your company the most. Choose a name that when you say it, people will automatically remember your company. Therefore, pick a brand name that is strong and really represents your company.

The steps on how to choose brand name are not easy and will take some time. It is best not to choose a brand name on your own because you will only have one sight. Try discussing with the people in the company, so you can get a bigger vision of the brand.

Best Business To Start with 10k For The Main Or Side Job

best business to start with 10k

You might find many articles on the internet says that no need money to start a business. Indeed, several businesses are run without cost, but however, money is necessary to maximize your step. For example, in running a marketing program, and many others. In this article, you can find the best business to start with 10k only. That is not a big amount, but if you are consistent, you can get a high profit.

best business to start with 10k

These businesses below are suitable to be your full-time job or as the side job. You can start locally, both through offline and online promotion. Do believe that every small business has the same opportunity to develop. So, even though you think it is started with small money, you have a right to be a success too. See the best business to start with 10k below:

1. Resume Service

Do you think to make a CV is easy? For some people, describing their experience, educational background, and all things about themselves is not easy. Thus, they need a hand to write their resume. If you are master in writing, also know about human management and administration very well, you can start this business. This only costs you about $2,000 up to $5,000.

2. Personal Shopper

Do you love shopping and tired to spend money on nothing? Then, it is time for you to make a profit from it. Be a personal shopper is not difficult if you use to shop everywhere. You serve someone who is very busy here. They have no time even to open the e-commerce or online store. They will give you a list and you just need to buy what they have written.

3. Children’s Party Organizer

Many parents love to make a certain party for their children. But, not all of them are handy to create one. This could be your opportunity in business. You might start with the local community. This only spends less than $5,000. But, if you go to a wider market, you might need up to $10,000. Don’t be worry, their parent loves to give anything for the celebration.

4. Cupcake Bakery

If you are not capable enough in creating a party, then be their complementary. Find a party organizer and offer your self to provide the cake. It is easy to make cupcakes for the party. There are lots of recipes you can find on the internet. Moreover, today many creations that will make the cupcakes more attractive. Now go to the kitchen, then try one or two recipes as the trial.

5. Business Plan Consultant

Use your knowledge from business class and keep updating yourself for all news. By doing those things, you can start a business plan consultant. It is good to start with a small and local company first. If you already have many clients, then be brave to go global. Promote your service online. This doesn’t require your money more than 10k.

Many people step back to start their business due to money. A capital always matters for those who are not sure about their business. In fact, you can have business with only 10k. Try one of the best business to start with 10k above and hopefully you get the best luck!

Classification Of Online Casino Games

New players would infrequently get an online gambling club together with the expectation of playing a particular club game. Most new players would test the different games accessible at the online club before narrowing down on a couple of chosen games. In this setting it is useful to realize how online club characterize the games they offer. Aside from understanding the regular qualities of a lot of games this additionally helps in finding explicit games in online gambling clubs.

Most online gambling clubs group games into three general classes. These are table games, online space games and video poker games. Table games are those games that are played on tables at land gambling clubs. There are two sorts of table games, one sort that includes the utilization of playing a game of cards and the other kind that doesn’t include the utilization of playing a game of cards. Some slot online gambling clubs have separate orders for these two sorts, which are known as games and table games. Games generally include an examination between the player’s hand and the seller’s hand as per a well-characterized set of rules. The most widely recognized games are blackjack and baccarat. Both these games depend on mainstream land club games. In blackjack the hand that is more like an estimation of 21 successes, though in baccarat the hand that is more like an estimation of 9 successes. There are other games that think about hands dependent on poker hand rankings. A portion of the more typical games in this class are Caribbean stud poker, Pai Gow poker and 3 card poker.

The two most normal table games are roulette and craps. Roulette is effectively the most notable of land club games as a result of its successive nearness in Hollywood films. In roulette, players wager on a number or a blend of numbers. The triumphant number is chosen by a ball that stops on a specific number in a turning wheel. The pith of roulette is effectively caught in online gambling clubs yet the marvelousness of the game must be knowledgeable about land club. Craps is a game wherein the triumphant number or mix of numbers is dictated by rolling a couple of bones. As in roulette players wager on specific numbers on number mixes and are paid out if the bones show those mixes. Anyway there are a few wagers in craps that are not chosen in a solitary move of the bones. In this way craps can be a confused game for new players. Another motivation behind why new players ought to evade craps is that a large portion of the wagers have extremely high house edges.

Spaces are the most widely recognized online gambling club games. They are the same as the space machines that are found in land gambling clubs. There are numerous manners by which online space games can be additionally arranged. The most widely recognized route is as those having fixed big stakes and those having dynamic bonanzas. Fixed bonanza online opening games payout a decided sum that is expressed in the payout table. The bonanza in a dynamic space games continues expanding as players bet. At the point when the predetermined blend is hit the aggregate sum of big stake is given to the player who has hit the triumphant mix. The bonanza is then reset to a beginning level and starts to increment once more. Numerous individuals play opening games for the sheer various media treat. The payout proportion of opening games is commonly not as much as that of many table games along these lines warding genuine players off.

The video poker games are games, yet even in land club they are played on PC screens, if at all they are advertised. The goal of the games is to make the most elevated conceivable positioning poker hands by supplanting a portion of the managed cards. Since these games require some expertise and they offer high payout proportions, video poker games are exceptionally well known.

How To Start A Publishing Business From The Very First Steps

How to start a publishing business

For you who love books, you must be interested to work in a publishing corporation. But why don’t you run it yourself? All you need is only to know how to start a publishing business. And you are lucky because here are the steps.

How to start a publishing business

1. Define Your Segmentation

To run a publishing business, you are not prohibited to manage some several types of books at once. But for the very first step, you should focus. Define your type and genre at least in outline.

Some option you can choose is a textbook, motivational or self-development book, fiction, comic, or any other. You also need to know your segmentation. It is like religious things, for children, focusing on social justice, etc.

The easier way to decide what to choose is by asking yourself. What do you want to develop? Or do you have some kind of book you like the most? Or the other similar questions. It will help you to set your steps.

Don’t forget to consider the market situation too. It is good to be an idealist. But being realistic will help your business to develop more rapidly.

2. Learn the Ins and Outs of Publishing

Publishing books means you need to guarantee the writers that they have the copyright. You have to learn about legal provisions and publishing contracts. It includes ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and publishing organization. It aims to avoid any misunderstanding when your business has run.

Moreover, by knowing the ins and outs of publishing, you can also estimate the budget to prepare. Always remember that the little things sometimes could be important.

Is it seemed hard to do? Maybe yes, but just take it easy. You can still learn it while starting the business. Don’t worry if you feel like it is unfamiliar. Just like a quote said, “practice makes perfect”, sooner or later you will get used to it.

3. Form a Legal Entity

Why do you have to form a legal entity? The answer is to make sure that your publishing business has legal power. It is about building public trust. Then, it will be easier and safer to develop your business if it is protected by law.

Those who are selective will be careful to avoid unwanted things, such as fraud. So, both partners and writers will be surer to join if your publishing business is trusted.

Don’t forget to give a name to your corporation. It is good to make a name card too. Clearing up tax matters is also important.

4. Select Your Partners

You must know that a publishing business needs some components as partners. They include editor, proofreader, layout, marketer and printing house. Selecting the partners is one of the substantial steps on how to start a publishing business.

Choose the people that have experience in their respective fields. But you also need to pay attention to their price. Think if their bid is worth the competence, and, of course with your finance. Considering your budget is also an important thing to keep your business stable.

5. Learn About Marketing

If you don’t find the marketing pattern yet, you can apply the ‘printing on-demand’ system. Print only 100 copies for the first promotion. Then, look out how the public responds it.

You can also continue this system for the next projects. Promote the books online and only print for them who has ordered. But this only applies to the small printing press. To cooperate with a large printing house, you have to print the book about 3000 copies for the minimum.

It is okay too if you decide to not apply the ‘printing on demand’. You print the books first before selling it then. For marketing, you can negotiate with some book store. Don’t forget to keep monitoring the sale of books you have published.

Those are 5 steps you can do on how to start a publishing business. Nothing is difficult if you are willing to learn. And the most important, just start it right now and achieve your success.

5 Ways How To Start A Business Conversation

How to start a business conversation

In a business, communication skill is really important because it will bring good for the company. With good communication skills from the member of the team, the companies are able to compete and get the dealing. Also, good communication skills can help companies in facing a crisis. However, this article will focus on how to start a business conversation. To start a business conversation, you must follow certain procedures below: 

How to start a business conversation

1. Proper Greeting In The Beginning

As a member of the team who represents the company, you must know how to greeting properly. Whether you are presenting in a creative company, you need to be formal like the standard has set before. The first greetings will create the first impression about you and your company. The reason is you as the brand ambassador of the company that brings the value of the company itself.

When your give greetings, make sure that you show your respect to the client, by saying “It’s an honor to meet you,” or “Thank you, for the chance so we can present it to you.” Those words will help you to bridge the gap between you and the client. So, when you want to start the presentation you have already got their trust and engagement.

2. State The Goals Of The Meeting

This is the main point on how to start a business conversation. State the goals clearly will help you to deliver all the material of the presentation. Most managers and CEOs will notice the main core of the presentation. Do not waste your time, make it clear and simple to understand. Leverage it with certain data and fact, to helps you assure the clients.

3. Review Your Business Program

Then, review your presentation and show the linkage about your company have and what the client needs. So, the client can have future thoughts about what will they do together with our company. After that, do not forget to show your expectations for this meeting. Then, it can be the dealings or the next agenda between the company and the client.

4. Open the Discussion

As a good presenter, you must ready to be asked by the client. Before it happened, you can offer a discussion after the presentation. Remember that, you must prepare the answer to the possible questions given by the client. Enrich your knowledge with the client’s information such as vision, missions, the product, and service. Also, how the client runs the business now. Then, trying to find a global issue that might be affected by the client business. In the end, you can answer all of the questions with no doubt.

5. Plan The Next Agenda

The last is planning the next agenda. This is quite important because as a professional company, you must manage the time and give the best service to all your clients. So, you can ask the feedback from the client and prepare for the next agenda.

Finally, there are five ways how to start a business conversation. Make practice as many as possible so you can fix it before you present it to your client. Also, the company’s future is in your hands when you get the job to have a presentation in front of the important clients.

How to Start a Business Flipping House for a Huge Profit

Doing a real-estate business is always promising for a high profit to everybody. One of the investment methods that popular today is a flipping house business. This business was firstly introduced from the US. People bought a house then resold it for profit. Indeed, this way is a quick trick to generate revenue. As time goes by the market sees that flipping house business is potential, now it spreads to the other country. If you are interested in do the same thing, read this article about how to start a business flipping house.

Before we dig deeper discussing how to start a business flipping house, there are two types who run this business. First, someone who buys a property that is predicted has increasing value. So, they repair and do the update, after that, they sell the property at a higher price. Second, someone who buys property but doesn’t do any update. They just keep it until the market demand is increasing. That is the moment when they finally sell it. Below are tips for you when you are about to start this business:

1. Pay with Cash

No matter what you buy in credit, there will be a gap between the real fare and the total you pay. That is an interest that becomes a profit for the seller. So, once you buy a property, pay with cash and avoid credit. Because it will be hard for you to set the profit if you have to finish your debt too. If it happens to you, your price to sell will be very low.

2. Understand the Market

Knowing your target customer is important in every business, including when you are in the house flipping business. This point is not only about the market’s taste, but also the market price standard. If you don’t understand this, you cannot make a good deal. Also, you cannot make a good house because you have no prediction of what real people need and want.

3. Make a Budget

When you renovate the house or even just give an additional touch, it means you already spent the cost. Thus, make a realistic budget is important bacause your offering price must cover it. You can start this step by deciding your price range. How much the maximum price you want to offer to the market? Make budgeting for the renovation, even starts for the very small detail.

4. Do Smart Renovation

Some flipper business people cannot hold themselves to renovate their property. Well, there is nothing wrong with it as long you can get back the return. If you are unsure, then do a smart renovation. Invest in the renovation is a good solution. For example, redecorate the kitchen with a certain theme or materials. Because probably in the future that would be full of value.

5. Get an Advice

Business is an improving world where you need to learn more and more. Never stop to seek good advice, recommendation, and insight. Stay hungry to everything new because the new trend might change this business trend too.

Remember, the keys to doing this business are the five points of how to start a business flipping house above. Today many local providers are able to help you if you are the beginner. Be a partner of the expert because it is easier to get the profit.