Best Business To Start with 10k For The Main Or Side Job

best business to start with 10k

You might find many articles on the internet says that no need money to start a business. Indeed, several businesses are run without cost, but however, money is necessary to maximize your step. For example, in running a marketing program, and many others. In this article, you can find the best business to start with 10k only. That is not a big amount, but if you are consistent, you can get a high profit.

best business to start with 10k

These businesses below are suitable to be your full-time job or as the side job. You can start locally, both through offline and online promotion. Do believe that every small business has the same opportunity to develop. So, even though you think it is started with small money, you have a right to be a success too. See the best business to start with 10k below:

1. Resume Service

Do you think to make a CV is easy? For some people, describing their experience, educational background, and all things about themselves is not easy. Thus, they need a hand to write their resume. If you are master in writing, also know about human management and administration very well, you can start this business. This only costs you about $2,000 up to $5,000.

2. Personal Shopper

Do you love shopping and tired to spend money on nothing? Then, it is time for you to make a profit from it. Be a personal shopper is not difficult if you use to shop everywhere. You serve someone who is very busy here. They have no time even to open the e-commerce or online store. They will give you a list and you just need to buy what they have written.

3. Children’s Party Organizer

Many parents love to make a certain party for their children. But, not all of them are handy to create one. This could be your opportunity in business. You might start with the local community. This only spends less than $5,000. But, if you go to a wider market, you might need up to $10,000. Don’t be worry, their parent loves to give anything for the celebration.

4. Cupcake Bakery

If you are not capable enough in creating a party, then be their complementary. Find a party organizer and offer your self to provide the cake. It is easy to make cupcakes for the party. There are lots of recipes you can find on the internet. Moreover, today many creations that will make the cupcakes more attractive. Now go to the kitchen, then try one or two recipes as the trial.

5. Business Plan Consultant

Use your knowledge from business class and keep updating yourself for all news. By doing those things, you can start a business plan consultant. It is good to start with a small and local company first. If you already have many clients, then be brave to go global. Promote your service online. This doesn’t require your money more than 10k.

Many people step back to start their business due to money. A capital always matters for those who are not sure about their business. In fact, you can have business with only 10k. Try one of the best business to start with 10k above and hopefully you get the best luck!