How To Choose Brand Name For Your Company

how to choose brand name

Choosing a brand name is not an easy task as it will be the image of the product or even the company. Therefore, when choosing a brand name, consider the meaning and what it will be representing. You won’t want people saying bad things about the name of the brand or not remembering the brand. Therefore, it is important to learn how to choose brand name before making a name.

Building a brand name and making a strong identity for the brand is not easy and will take some time. It involves more than just a logo and a slogan because we want people to remember the name and brand. Therefore, before jumping in, determine what you want people to think of when they talk or hear about your brand. Or determine what your brand will be about, so you can small down the options. Here are more tips on how to choose brand names for your startups:

1. Determine the Purpose of the Brand

Before thinking of a brand name, try to think of the purpose of the company that you will be making. Break them down and try to look for words that are related to them. Other than the purpose, you can also connect your brand name to the vision and mission of the company. Therefore, when you think of a brand name it will relate to the purpose of the company.

2. Write Down Words

After you have determined the vision, mission, and purpose of your company, write down all the words related to it. Make sure to write them down so others can see them and give their opinions on the words. Then give an explanation on each word, like why this is related to the company. This way you can see whether your words are an option to be a brand name or not.

3. Choose a Simple Name

One of the tips on how to choose brand name is by choosing a simple name. When writing down the words, make sure to make the words simple. If you have a simple brand name, then people will easily remember it even though they have never tried it. On the other hand, if it is complicated, people will not get the hang of it and easily forget it.  

4. Test your Brand Name

When you have options of brand names on your list, test your brand names and see if they are available. Because it will be no use if the name is already used by another person or company and it is legal. Therefore, before determining the brand name, make sure that it is still available, and you can use it.

5. Pick a Strong Name

After crossing out some names and seeing the available ones, choose a brand name that represents your company the most. Choose a name that when you say it, people will automatically remember your company. Therefore, pick a brand name that is strong and really represents your company.

The steps on how to choose brand name are not easy and will take some time. It is best not to choose a brand name on your own because you will only have one sight. Try discussing with the people in the company, so you can get a bigger vision of the brand.