Steps on How to Switch Personal IG to Business Profile

how to switch personal ig to business

Instagram has been a famous platform to socialize and do business at the same time. This can be seen by the number of people doing their business on personal IG. However, IG now has a specific feature where people can make a business profile for their business. So, how to switch personal IG to business profiles, and what are the advantages?

Well, some people might be asking why they should change their IG profiles to a business account. By changing it, users will get insights & statistic trends about their followers and viewers. On the profile page, users can add a contact button which eases people to contact you.

Another great feature of IG business is the ad creation to promote your business. With personal accounts, you can use this feature, but you will need a Facebook business page. So, it is quite interesting and helpful, right? Therefore, follow these steps on how to switch personal IG to business accounts:

1. Log in Your Account

The first thing on how to switch personal IG to business is by logging into the account you want to change. Insert your id and your password to get in your profile. Next, go to your Instagram account setting by tapping setting and account to get started.

2. Switch to Business Account

Once you have entered the account setting, on the bottom part you will see the option switch to a professional account. After clicking this option, your profile will then connect to the Facebook page. However, you must have admin access to your business Facebook page to continue this action.

3. Choose Between Creator/ Business Account

There are two kinds of business accounts that IG provides. One is for business needs and the other is for creators such as public figures, influencers, and artists. If you are using the profile for selling products, then the business account is the right option.

4. Change Category

The account allows people to change their category from business to creator accounts. So, if in the future you change your business to a designing business, you can change it to the creator and choose the designer category. Once you have finished choosing your option, you have your business account.

5. Start Using your Business Account

You can now start using your business account by uploading pictures of your business and set a marketing strategy. Use all the features that the account provides from ad creation promotes to adding links. Make sure to use them all to promote your business.

The steps on how to switch personal IG to business is very simple and easy. This kind of account is recommended for those who have a business and are developing. Because it will help promote and sell your business to other people on Instagram.

If in the future, you decide to end the account you can revert to your personal account. The steps on getting your personal account are just the same way as making a business account. So, get your business starting by changing your personal account to a business account.